Welcome to SPM Commercial
I represent 2 distinct groups of clients;
  1. A small group of experienced working actors

  2. A small group of commercial talent 


Working with me in the Commercial area is simple and straightforward. It's a great way to have fun and make a bit of extra money. It's not a get rich quick scheme but many of my commercial clients make good incomes.

Do I need to apply?

Yes. You do not need to have experience but you do need to be open to new experiences, be confident and be able to take direction....in other words listen.

I love character faces so please don't think I am looking only for beautiful people.

Age range is open as is ethnic background. 

I do not accept everyone who applies - I am not an extras agency and I won't waste your time. 


To apply you should email me a current photo or, if you are applying for a family group, photos of each person or the group together.  Tell me a bit about yourself, what you like doing and what you want to achieve by working with me.  It's OK to say I want to have some fun and make a bit of extra money.  Not everyone has the dream to be a famous actor.

If I am accepted, what do I do to get started?

First I get some information from you - nothing too personal but I do need to know how to contact you, what your age range is and what kind of work you want to do, if you have any experience and if you have any skills - running, tennis, swimming etc.

What kind of work will I be submitted for?

Commercials, smaller and support roles in film and TV – dependent on your ambitions/ requirements. You decide what you want to do.

What happens next?

When I submit you for roles, I do so because I believe you are right for the role. When the casting team agree that you are potentially right for the role, they will request an audition.  The audition can take 3 forms; The first a self-tape which you can shoot on your phone – it is very easy to do. The second option is a Skype or Zoom audition and the third is an in - room audition with the casting director.

In our current times it is more likely to be one of the first 2 and they are very easy to do.  I will help you every step of the way. As long as you have a smart phone, a room with natural light and 10 minutes you are set. 

Don’t be put off by the word “audition”. This is very often just a “get to know you and see what you look like on camera” – it takes 5 minutes and is simple.


How do I get the audition information?

First, I will email you all the information; the product, the role and requirements, the shoot period (generally 1 day within a week), the day for a wardrobe check and the fee if you get the job. I may also give you the storyboard or script so you can see what the ad will look like. All of this information is confidential and must not be shared with anyone else.

How much notice do I get for an audition?

Generally, between 24 and 48 hours. It is very fast turnaround but it’s also a simple and very quick process.


Can I decline an audition?

If you are not keen on what is being offered or are not available for the audition or shoot, that’s fine – just say no.  There is no requirement for you to be available every time I contact you. It’s entirely up to you each and every time. The only thing I ask is that if you say yes, you commit.  Cancelling auditions the night before or the day of can be awkward.


What happens in an audition?

An audition for commercials is generally a quick intro to the camera – so you say  “hi my name is, my agent is (Sharon Power) and I am …..m tall”.  They may ask you to talk a bit about what you like to do; hobbies etc.  Then they will ask for a scroll out to a full length shot. 

The next part may be a quick scenario where you “pretend” to do something so you will mime say “going to the checkout at the supermarket and smiling at the cashier” or walking up to someone and saying hi (looking pleased to see them)” or interacting with your family.  It’s all very simple 5 - 10 second scenarios.


What happens next?

Once you have done the audition and if it is via self-tape you send it to me and I send it on to the casting director. Then we wait.  I do ask that you don’t have a drastic haircut or book a holiday around the shoot dates until I hear if you are shortlisted. Stay in touch with me if you do want to make changes.

What happens if I am shortlisted?

Chances are there will be a callback audition. This is not always the case but happens a lot.  Again, at the moment that is most likely to be via Skype or Zoom. It is a simple chat to the director and again they may ask you to act out the scenario similar to the one in the first audition. We also reconfirm that you are available for the shoot period.


What if I don’t book the job?

That’s fine.  Commercial casting is subjective. It isn’t personal. You didn’t do anything wrong. The director and his client, the advertiser, have just decided someone else fits their brief better on screen.


What if I do book the job?

That's great!  First I will notify you that you have the role and confirm the details – the shoot period, the fee and anything else I happen to know at the time


Then the production company take over and they will contact you (through me) to book you in for a wardrobe call so they can work out what you are going to wear on the day.  This may be your clothes, or they may ask for your sizes and buy clothes for you to wear. Again, depending on the times, this may be in person at their studio or on Skype or Zoom.

As soon as the schedule is set you will be advised of your shoot date.

The day before the shoot you will be given your call time to be on set, the location, who to ask for, what to take with you and anything else you need to know.

I will receive a contract which I will sign on your and my behalf.  I will give you all the pertinent information from the contract or a copy of the actual contract.

What happens on set?

First, don’t be late!

When you arrive ask for the contact person I have given you. They will sign you in and take you to wardrobe department, makeup or the green room which is an area for you to relax when not shooting. There will be drinks and food available. 

Covid 19

Under current and likely long-term future restrictions, all of this will happen within very firm safety guidelines.  The one thing I can guarantee is that the companies I work with are professionals. They do not break rules and they do not put themselves or you at risk. Most of these companies, I have worked with for between 10 and 30 years and I trust them implicitly with my clients welfare.

A couple of rules:

Don’t have your phone on when on set.  In the green room is generally OK but never near filming.


Be careful where you walk. We are very safety conscious but there are wires and tripods and equipment everywhere on a set.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but it is rude to ask what people are being paid. If someone asks, don’t answer.

Some extras if they are on set with you may try to find out.

Don’t leave until you are released and signed out.

A normal shoot day is 10 ¾ hours including a meal break. Food is supplied (and it is great).

Once the director is happy with your scene(s) he will advise the AD’s to release you. Then you can leave.


What happens if the shoot goes overtime?

Any shoot will have the hours specified before you go on set and in the contract that I sign for you. After that overtime applies as set out in the contract.  Overtime is expensive so it doesn’t happen very often.


Once the shoot is over what do I do?

First text, email or call me and tell me how it went, what hours you worked etc.

Once I have the sign in sheets for you from production, I invoice the client which is sometimes the advertiser, sometimes the ad agency and rarely, the production company.

Once I am paid, I pay you, less my commission (20%) and withholding tax (you can nominate the rate I charge this at – the normal is 20%). If you work a lot in the year bear in mind you will receive an ACC bill at years end.  In this scenario you are a contract worker not an employee.

How long does payment take to come through?

That depends on a number of factors.  The contract states 14 days from the invoice.  I can’t invoice until the on set paperwork is completed and sent through – that may take a week or so.  Mostly payment will come through within 20 - 30 days of the shoot. On rare occasions it takes longer but I have never not been paid.


When you book a role I will send you all the information you need to know on fees, tax options etc.


What is an average fee?

The fee depends on the product, the media use, territory of use, term of use and the exposure you are going to get from their use of your image.  For a small local ad $1500 would be the likely fee and is about as low as I am prepared to go with commercial fees. This means after my commission, GST and taxes you should earn a minimum of $800-$1000 for a days work. The average fee is $2,000 - $10,000 per job. 

Can you guarantee me work?

No. Some people get work the first week, some in a month and others wait a year, some just don’t – usually because they give up.  It is what it is.  Please be assured I will work very hard for you. I am paid on commission so I very motivated to find success for you.

I think that about covers the whole of it.  I know you will have questions and as I said at the start, I am happy to answer any questions you have – anytime.